Monday, 16 September 2013

Keeping Fit, Staying Healthy and Positive.

Do you aim at being healthy for your family and for yourself?
Exercise brings you to this happy place and helps you feel confident. Your body releases endorphins and your happiness level increases. However you are not the obsessed type, constantly monitoring what you eat and not taking time to enjoy the pleasure of food. You choose the healthy option!!

Last night, my traditional side led me to cook a healthy noodle soup with vegetables and chicken for my kids.I craved a hot vindaloo dish so I made a chicken vindaloo with spinach and steamed some beans. It all went into wholemeal wraps which my hubby and I devoured in no time.

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This morning, my inner Madonna pushed me to get into my Adidas tights, new Lululemon Top ( Thank you to my friend Liz) and Mizuno Runners. So after dropping my child to school, I was ready to hit The Gym!
After 10 minutes of running on the treadmill, I started on my abs exercises, concenciously copying the moves from my newly bought Womens Fitness magazine. Although it is still Spring, I can feel the Summer today. Thanks Womens Fitness!
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I did miss my friend T at the gym today but we will catch up again soon for a different exercise. Looking forward to our Pilates classes!!

Background on my new found Fitness regime.

A few years ago, after the birth of my kids, I was not the sporty type at all, the thought of running would make me want to throw up. Slowly I started walking, going to the gym... I am proud to say that I have been part of the City to Surf Run in Sydney and completed the run (15km) in an hour and half, not bad for a first ever run!! This year I pushed a little harder and completed Tough Mudder in Phillip Island with the support of my hubby. I ran the whole 20 km and completed all of the obstacles except the "jumping into the river " swim from a height. One sport that I have not mastered as yet - Swimming!!

The Madonna inside me wants to keep going!! So I will be participating in the Half Marathon this year!! Yes that is why I am motivated to keep going to the gym. Having a goal in mind works for me, it means I can take small steps everyday in view of my challenge. I am looking forward to my weekend run by the beach this time with my running companion, aiming at 15-20 km, hoping for good weather.

OK, so enough about me!!! My next blog will be about my friends and what motivates them and how they balance the Mother Theresa side/The Madonna Side.

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