Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Between A Traditional Family and a Modern Family.

Are you a traditional family, a Modern family or a bit of both. Let's discuss!!

Do you come from a cultural family, french, Asian, Italian or pure Aussie? It does not matter, all these cultures have their traditional and modern families.
I come from a tropical island with half french/half a lot of cultures :) Growing up in this place, I knew two different types of women, the traditional and the care-free. Of course, being reasonable and smart, which one did I choose to look up to? - The Good Traditional girl ...Thank you! The Care-free ones are the ones that people gossip about, the ones that we are outraged by their parenting, their choices and the result on their kids upbringing -not nice.

The Matriarch of The Traditional Women.

My mother and my grandmother were traditional and strong women in my eyes. They were the cook, the carer, the educator, the everything. They were always busy looking after their family. The men on the other hand, sorry Dad, had the only job of bringing home the dough - The Breadwinners - Hard workers but at home - King of the Castles. The women however seemed happy with their lot and role. No hobbies, no time to pursue their dreams or even interest or passion.

As a child though you relish in the traditional parenting. Great food, freshly baked cookies, your favourite spaghetti with cheese, and a huge hug at the end of a tiring day at school. Seventh Heaven!!

In my family, my grandmother is the Matriarch, the one who calls the shots!! Everyone goes by her rule and she seems to be right all the time!! She instilled in us kindness, love, spirituality,good manners,the value of money, saving, saving, saving!!.My grandmother was always there for everyone and that's the way she saw her happiness. 
"Why keep travelling?" she says" I have seen Paris, been to Europe, why be selfish and go again" Her family is her priority and she prefers that to travelling or other interests. She looks after her kids, grand-kids with a selflessness that I have never seen. She does not expect anything in return.

It was easy to take her for granted as a child until now as a grown-up I realise that there are not a lot of people like her in this new age world. She is one of a kind, bless her precious heart!

So, for this reason I can never look down on the Traditional women out there because you know what, it does work and if that's who you are go for it.

But but but...much to my disapproving grandmother's eyes, and even though I keep all the values she has instilled in me, I love travel, let's just say I am just dreaming of travel at the moment but if I had a chance I'd go around the world with my kids and hubby in a heartbeat!! I love exercising, socialising, and as long as I can pay my bills, look after my family, I will spend on things that make me happy!! There, I have said it.

modern family wallpaper 4

Some of the friends I have met through my motherhood journey seem to share my point of view.We got into a ritual of exercising outdoors every Sunday. We all have kids and we'd leave them with respective partners and early morning take turns in driving to our favourite mountain spot, for a run/long walk.Talking to them I realise that they all have home, housework, toilet training...all the domestic work but they all choose to look after themselves as well and enjoy other things that life has to offer.

Mixing outdoor exercise and socialising is bliss. Mind you we huffed and puffed while talking away. One of my friend's passion is her fitness group exercise work and she is the fittest!! Another loves renovating, changes to her home and is inspired by The Block, she could easily have been part of the show. And Friend No 3 is very creative and loves making healthy food for her kids and herself.

Hopefully, I can can sit down with my friends sometime soon and interview them a little bit more :) but for now this is what I have got.

Next blog will be about the Fashion World through a Modern Mother's Eyes, the Melbourne Cup Fashion, Fashion in the Fitness World and maybe some pics of local Domestic Fashionistas. Fasten your seat belt!!!

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