Sunday, 13 October 2013

Achieving, winning and being Inspiring to others.

I have been absent from my blog for a little while fo focus on a few things but I am back with the same enthusiasm!!

This month I am feeling like I have done something worthwhile, my positive energy is not only making me a better person but it is also contagious, people around me are sharing my positive vibe. It is a priceless feeling.
Why am I so happy? Well, I participated in the Medibank Half Marathon. The Melbourne Marathon this year attracted more than 30,000 participants.  The Melbourne Marathon raises money for the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre, so it is a great event to be part of.

I am excited that I finished the Half- Marathon 21km in 2 hrs exactly. I have been training religiously for the past two months and I am feeling on top of the world now. It is great to have a goal and slowly work towards that. The feeling I had crossing the line at the MCG was so great. The crowd was so big and the cheering and the camaraderie and the family at the finish line. It is all those things I love in the same place, if I could just press repeat on that moment, I would :)

My son was so excited to see me at the finish line and so was the rest of the family. My friend completed the race a few minutes before me and was as excited as I was. As if  the winning, achieving and Inspiring feeling was not enough for the day, we were so lucky as to finish around the same time as Cameron Ling (Cameron Ling is a former Australian rules footballer for the Geelong Football Club in the Australian Football League. A tagger at 1.89 metres and 94 kilograms, Ling was a premiership-winning captain at the club.) So of course with the adrenalin of finishing the race, pumping through my body, I approached Cameron and asked for a photo with my friend. He was as happy as us and smiled for the camera, great guy !!

Through October, I am also part of the Ocsober foundation. It means I am not drinking all through October and raising money for Life Education Australia. (Life Education is a charity providing positive, preventative drug and health education programs which motivate, encourage and empower young people to make smart life choices for a healthy future, free from the harms associated with drug misuse.) If you want to check it out, please do :-

Once I start something, I want to be able to finish it, whatever the cost . I sticked to my run and put in the effort required and I feel like I achieved what I was hoping to. I will also stick to Ocsober!! Helping others, making a difference is a rewarding feeling not only to others but to yourself. I hope you feel inspired to make a difference today or another day!!

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